16 mn cr which material

16MnCr5 is a case hardening steel in accordance with European Standard (EN). Carbon 0.16, Manganese 1.00, Chromium 1.00 If there is a need for machining, consider using 16MnCrS5 with a specified amount of Sulphur.1thanks you the reply, Could any one tell the austenitizing temperature for carburizing this material for a case depth of 1.2mm and the temperature before quench Thanks, SKYou can use a temeperature range of 1700 deg. F (926 deg. C) to 1800 deg. F (954 deg. C). Normal practice is to carburize between 1700 to 1750 deg. F., using boost (1.2% carbon potential) and diffuse (0.90% Carbon potential) method. Drop the temperature to 1550 deg.F to 1625 deg.F and hold for 30 minutes to equalize before quench. Choose lower temperature(1550) before quench if distortion is a concern. You need to pay attention to grain growth if you choose a carburizing temperature of 1800 deg.F. Hope this helps. Rao Yallapragada1Carbon steel·