en 10278 steel equivalent

EN 10278 only covers dimensions and tolerances, not composition or properties. ASTM A36 includes composition and mechanical properties. These two standards are not equivalent.Dear Mr.corypad Thank you for your replay, i was confused with received MTC that MTC is attached to this mail. files.engineering/getfile.aspx?folder=bf9c21bf-5114-4aef-95b4-37The composition meets the requirements for ASTM A36. There are no mechanical properties listed on the certificate, which is allowed by ASTM A36 for bars less than 12.5 mm in diameter "provided that the chemical composition used is appropriate for obtaining the tensile properties". I do not think this material's composition is guaranteed to produce the mechanical properties in ASTM A35, so you should ask the supplier to test the material and provide the mechanical properties.Because the bar is cold drawn, it may well meet the A-36 tensile requirements. Typical tensile strengths of hot rolled only bars such as yours are closer to 45ksi to 50ksi.User rating: 1.7/5