sa-131 grade

Sometimes Grades and categories in ASTM are changed or dropped with subsequent revisions. This appears to be the case. If you must know,then check the historical standards in ASTM. All of the normal strength grades (A,B,D,CS, and E) have the same strength (34ksi). The strength of the higher strength materials (designated with "H" after the Grade) varies depending on the grade, ranging from 51 to 57 ksi. This material is designated for use in shipbuilding. ASTM A36, A283, and A573 are used for storage tanks, but I suppose A131 could be used as well.Ron, Thanks. A-131 grades A, B and CS is indeed used for Storage tanks. It is listed for instance in API-650 Table 3.2Last year I had to look into history of ASTM A131 Grade C. Portions of an API-620, Appendix Q storage tank were built of this grade. It was in the 1970 ASTM standards, but I do not know when it was discontinued. It's physical and mechanical properties are very similar to ASTM A573 Grade 58. Hope this helps. Steve Braune Tank Industry Consultants tankindustryASTM A1011 vs ASTM A36Jul 15, 2009A131 C - What material group? See more resultsUser rating: 5/5