canadian structural steel grade w350 and w350t

Voici la table avec les caractéristiques de l'acier CAN/CSA-G40.21 Grade 350W Bon chance, chérie Best regards from Montreal know little French except Merci beaucoupTo loosely translate- "Here is the table of characteristics of Grade 350W steel. Good luck." 350w steel is essentially 50 ksi yield strength. Fu is the ultimate strength. Fu for this is around 65 ksi. Let me know if you need anything more- Canadian steel is great :) Cheers GeoffDuring a conversation with one of the structural gurus at my company (Canadian) it was mentioned that there are essentially no more mills in Canada that produce the steel. Effectively all the 350W rolled pieces we get in Canada (W, H, S shapes) are ASTM A992 or (maybe) ASTM A572 Grade 50 steel that then get re-certified under the CAN/CSA G40.20/G40.21 standard. In fact S16-01 clause 5.1.3 states that structural steel shall meet the requirements of CAN/CSA G40.20/G40.21 or ASTM A992/A992M. If you look through the G40.20 standard (which is only 47 pages and defines shapes, tolerances etc) it heavily references the ASTM standards. ASTM A6/A6M mostly. If you look through the G40.21 standard (which is only 46 pages and talks about the steel material) it heavily references the relevant ASTM standards. Clause 4.1 also states that "Materials conforming to ASTM A992/A992M conform also to this Standard." I'm not certain how 300W fits into this or other grades of steel. My hunch is that it is much the same. Yup Fu = 450 MPa is what I typically use for connection design with 300W and 350W. Table 6-3 of the handbook has that information.1