sa 414 f material

Tjhere is no part in Section VIII, Div. 1 "callig out" SA-414 G for use in small vessels. An Engineer specified it because its higher strength saves weight for mass production of small vessels made from sheet steel. Whether the Engineer is fully correct from a manufacturing cost standpoint is another story.Thanks stanweld, that is what I thinking after doing some research but was looking for some reassurance.There is no simple equivalent steel to SA 414. What you need to do is review ASME B&PV Code, Section II, Part D and knowing your maximum design temperature, you can review allowable stress values and cpmpare with various material specifications and grade of carbon steel plate. Based on this review, you can pick one or more alterate steels. My quick review, the closest I have seen is SA 299. It is about the same in allowable stress as SA 414 grade G.Metengr thanks for the information this was my next step.ASTM A455 Vs A516gr70Apr 28, 2006SA-414 Grade G UCS-66 Curve See more results