1501 151 28a

That is correct. 28 tons/in^2 or 430 MPa, same material.I just noticed you're from SA. That 28A material (commonly called boiler plate) was used extensively in the 70's and the ASME stress equivalent used was SA285-C. If your changing from ASME to PD5500 there is a significant allowable stress increase in the lower temp range.Bartholomew69, codeeng, For clarity, BS 1501 has been replaced by BS EN 10028-7:2000 so no the current equivalent is not BS 1501-151 Gr 430A. It was the equivalent but the latest BS EN 10028 materials have replaced BS 1501-151 Gr 430A.BS 1501-151-28A stress allowables and ASTM equivalent Oct 20, 2005PWHT BS 1501-151-28ASep 19, 2005See more results