sphc steel compare to astm

For your intentions, you need to obtain a copy of the JIS G3131 and compare to a copy of ASTM A 36.meterng, I have tried to compare both of them, but I can't find both are "typical" material based on chem analysis & mech properties. There some properties different to much. Can you help me to determined both are "equivalent" files.engineering/getfile.aspx?folder=dbd21e5a-d8b3-4909-a45a-15dursosono; What is the application where you want to substitute the A36 for G3131? The attachment you provided is not complete with the necessary information.If your inquiry is for API-650 tank construction, please refer to Section 4.2.5 and Table 4-2. Your answer lies there. Joe TankStatus: Resolved