what is sa612 material

What? No such thing. P-No's assigned in Section II Table I are what they are and P-No's cannot change for the same material.2007 ASME Section II Part D Table 5A shows a P-number of 1 for SA-612. It's probably a typographical error.The software I have for welding procedures shows 10C also. A screenshot is attached. The one shown contains data from the 2007 Edition Addenda 07 Gerald Austin Iuka, Mississippi weldinginspectionsvcs weldinginspectionsvcs/sa612info.JPGSection II-D Table 5A shows P-No1 for SA-612 We are first time to use this table. Should assume this is a typographical error.David I would look at a previous version to see if this is a typographical error. If it is, TGS4 provided this helpful information in another thread: Quote: Interesting observation. The appropriate way to address an "error" like that is to send an e-mail to the secretary of the Codes and Standards committee. The contact info is on this web page ht tp://cstoo ls.asme.or g/csconnec t/Committe ePages.cfm ?Committee =N20110000 Please let us know the resolution to your issue. Note that any other responses that you might receive on eng-tips would be only anonymous opinions and worth, well, what you pay for them. There is only one adequate resolution, and that is the one that I stated above. Patricia Lougheed Please see FAQ731-376: Eng-Tips Forum Policies : Eng-Tips Forum Policies for tips on how to make the best use of the Eng-Tips Forums.