astm a 570 gr 45

According to my 2001 Edition/2003 Addendum of the ASME B&PV code, there is no SA 570 material specification. There may be an ASTM A 570. However, this plate is not an approved material per ASME B&PV code. I also checked several resources on plate specifications - I found nothing on SA 570. What is your specific application?Hi metengr, I'm trying to develop a table of plate thickness values (tmin)for air receivers. I was told the material was SA 570 Gr.B but I have not been able to locate it either. Based on your response I may have the incorrect material spec. I'll double check and post back. Thanks for your quick response, it's appreciated since I'm trying to take care of this today.Hi metengr, I was looking for SA516 Gr.70, thanks for your assistance. Sorry for posting the wrong spec.ASTM A570 is not a plate spec. It is a sheet spec. Steve Braune Tank Industry Consultants tankindustryThanks for your response. Is A570 a material that is typically used in the fabrication of air receivers? If so can you tell me where to find it in Section 2 Part D. Thanks in advance.Air receivers are pressure vessels and would fall under ASME Section VIII, Div 1 Code requirements. As such, ASTM A 570 is not an ASME code approved material. Therefore, it would not be specified for use in air receiver design and construction, per Code.Hi Metengr, That's where I was going with my previous post. I just wanted to make sure that I had not overlooked the material in Sect. 2 Pt. D. I take it that the "A" designation ie. A 570, is not a material that I would find in Sect. 2 Pt. D and as such is not suitable for PV fabrication as you stated?Oops! Just re-read the previous posts and realized A 570 is an ASTM spec and not ASME. The coffeee hasn't started working yet. How do we edit a posting?ASME material specs are often identical to the ASTM material specs. If that is the case the ASME spec acknowledges that fact. In the case of the material you mentioned SA516-Grade 70 is the ASME designation. A516-Grade 70 would be the ASTM designation. Steve Braune Tank Industry Consultants tankindustryAs SteveBraune mentioned, ASTM materials are often acceptable for B&PV fabrication. For a Code reference, see II-A Appendix A on page xlv. A quick quote: " however, material produced under an ASTM Specificaiton may be used in lieu of the corresponding ASME Specificaiton as listed in this Appendix." Common materials such as SA515 and SA516 are listed as identical to A515 and A516 on page l (that's Roman 50, not one). Its usually easy to order material to the SA spec, and it is the "preferred" way, and it will most often avoid annoyed AI's and customers, so given a choice, just order the SA spec. jt