s235jrg2 equivalent in us

looks like A283C-A is going to be it check the link below for reference. steelstrip.co.uk/structural_steels.htm1Be very careful with trying to fit an equivalent grade. You need to evaluate both chemical composition and mechanical properties and ultimate end use of the product. In some cases there is no "accepted" equivalent grade, you evaluate yourself and decide.1Thanks to each of you, the links were very helpful. We quoted a substitute material of 1018 A709 gr36, which our customer accepted. I'm checking that the estimator did not go too far off base in suggesting this material. I appreciate the help. Regards, DiegoEquivalent of Chinese Material Q235B - Metal and Aug 06, 2012Creep data for S235JR/A284 @ 900¦C - Metal and Metallurgy Jun 25, 2010See more results