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Top responsesEDIT: I published a Google Spreadsheet calculator so you can change the assumptions. Enjoy! Fucking awesome! As a mechanical engineer, I've …read more27 votesDon't guestimate your dead load. Figure out exactly how much weight you're putting on these beams and add about 50 pounds per lineal foot for live load. …read more6 votesStructural engineer here First thing is, I wouldn't go completely off of any of the explanations in this thread (including mine). Unless you get at least a …read more4 votesElectrical engineering student here so take my advice with a rather large grain of salt. I'm not going to be able to really help you with the calculations ( I know a bit …read more3 votesGo out and buy Roark's book and the Machinery's Handook. They'll have all the calculations you need to find the correct beams etc. I'd just go with …read more2 votesTemporary shmemporary. Go ahead, get the permits and do it up right I'd say. It's not like you're gonna be moving it anytime soon. This sounds like a job for …read more2 votesSee all