st37 steel means

standard WPS for SMAW Carbon Steel to Austenitic StainlessJan 09, 2014Using E6010 electrod in structure weldinJul 20, 2005E6010 & E7018 combination - American Welding SocietyJan 21, 2002Internationaler Normenvergleich - American Welding Society See more resultsTop responsesIf this is "ST37-2K" then you have EXCELLENT steel for ornamental forging. US equivalent is 1018. Getting harder to find this in the US anymore.3 votesIt says st37K I dunno, might have to inquire more at the company. Thanks very much for your answer, if I get it correctly, this would be good for things such as …read more1 voteYou get it! ST37 aka 1018 is a plain-carbon low-carbon steel. ("-2K" means it is cold-rolled.) Low-alloy low-carbon means low-effort forging. You can forge this …read more2 votesSt37 is an old name, the new designation is S235JR. S275 or S355 are also good options if you can get them cheap. The various suffixes don't matter for …read more1 voteS235JR Google says it's a lot higher in Mn than 1018 or 1020. Also has a pinch of nickel and a whiff of copper. Almost looks like 1320 except with silicon …read more1 voteSee allDefinitions and · Definitions and ·